My Story

With my parent's love as my backbone and security at a young age I developed a free spirit and an open caring mind. My mom shared her faith through the Lutheran church which gave me the basic understanding of something grander than myself and yet I always felt there was more to spirituality than just religion.


I had been told women in my family going back many generations have strong intuition and had a way of "knowing" and growing up I wrote this off as simply family folk lore. Then in 2016 two things were born, my gorgeous son and my acknowledgement of my own intuitive abilities.  

As I was discovering motherhood Spirit took it upon itself to rock my world and make sure I did not miss my calling. I now know it is a piece of my soul's purpose to explore the meaning of enlightenment and discover how to be a clear channel for loved ones, angels, spirit guides and the Creator source of all. I devoured every bit of knowledge I could get my hands on, be it books, local and online classes, documentaries or podcasts.  And most importantly I turned inward for direct guidance and knowledge from our God, creator of all. After continuous practice and prayer I am now here to assist souls with their own connection to Spirit for their highest healing, good and purpose.

I am not wearing purple velvet while looking into a crystal ball but simply a soul with the ability to connect to your soul to aid in healing, receive guidance and answer the questions only the other side can answer.   

I find it a true honor to be given and trusted with this gift. I express gratitude daily for this opportunity and I would love to assist you with your soul's journey.