"After many failed attempts with various people across the metro claiming to have a gift, I was referred to Christel from a mutual friend. Christel is genuine, kind, warm and very gifted. She made me feel right at home and comfortable in my vulnerability. She saw many signs that spoke to me about loved ones on the other side. After I left, I felt a sense of relief and a new closeness to my lost friends and family. Christel has a maternal nature and authenticity that sets her apart from all the rest. I can't wait to visit with her (and them) again!" 


"I was blown away by my reading with Christel! I've had several readings over the years and SHE is the REAL DEAL! I was in tears as she connected with my loved ones. She has an incredible gift and a peaceful soft voice that is very comforting.  I look forward to my next reading."  



"Christel is a wonderful person with a very open, warm and loving energy. I felt comfortable with her right away and our reading provided many answers and some of the healing I was hoping for! 

She was able to connect with Spirit to give me some very accurate information on one important topic in particular and with that I was able to resolve my problem the very next day! I am forever grateful for her help and for the guidance of my Angels who lead me towards her!"


"My experience with Christel was amazing. This was my very first reading ever and it was truly a wonderful experience. She was spot on and gave me information that I was able to validate two days later. I’m planning on being a regular going forward!"

J.C. Norman

"My reading from Christel was spot on....She was very in tune to my spirit guides and my life.  She connected us to my sweet mother-in-law with details and descriptions of her life.  Thank you Christel, it was a gift."  


"Christel is a lovely spiritual person who exudes positive energy. During our reading I felt the spirit world was truly around us. I was amazed by her accuracy. She was able to name my neighborhood and I live in another state. She reached my brother who had recently passed and she knew all about my children. She has an unbelievable gift and it was a pleasure to meet her and be in her presence."

R. New Port Richey

"My reading with Christel was such an amazing experience.  She’s so gifted and knew things no one could possibly know.  I walked away feeling so much peace after my reading. I can’t wait to see her again."



"Christel is amazing!  She did such a wonderful job connecting to spirit and getting messages I so desperately needed to hear!" 

C.B. Choctaw  

"Christel is such a caring and loving person its easy to sit with her. Her kindness is genuine! I came away from my reading knowing things will be good!" 

K.P. Edmond

"Christel was able to confirm something that my instinct has been telling me for years. I now have the clarification I was seeking to know which path to follow." 

N.B. Edmond 

"On February 18th, 2012 my life changed forever.  My husband, Charlie, who was the love of my life passed away in his sleep and I was laying there right beside him and didn’t even know it.  He had come down sick on October 2011 and died February 2012. He left me a widower at 52 and he left our son – fatherless. I am blessed that I had 29 wonderful years with Charlie and that he blessed us with a wonderful son CJ.  Since he has been gone I have so many questions that I haven’t been able to find the answers to. Did he die peacefully? Is he still with me and Cj? Is he happy now and that he is not in any more pain. I believe in spirits and I believe that when someone dies that they either go to Heaven or Hell. I know in my heart Charlie has gone to Heaven.  I have watched Theresa Caputo on television many times and saw her at the Convention center in OKC. When I saw her in person I was wishing that she would pick me out of the audience and tell me about Charlie. I have always wanted to have a session to see if Charlie would come thru and answer my questions.

My girlfriend and hairdresser told me about a wonderful woman named Christel Miles that is a Medium in Edmond.  I got in touch with Christel and set up an appointment on a Saturday afternoon. She had told me to write a letter and to ask whatever questions I wanted answered and address it to whoever I believed in – which is God.  

On my way to the session I passed a car dealership which sold Volvo’s – Charlie had worked for Volvo Car Finance for many years and loved his job there very much.  I thought is that a sign that Charlie letting me know he is with me.

When I arrived for my session I meet Christel and I was so happy and excited and nervous to be there.  She put me at ease and explained who she was and that her gift was to speak with Spirits. I was so fascinated with her explaining what she does and how she does what she does.

My session started and I recorded it so I could listen to it later if I missed anything.  So many of the things she told me was the questions that I was asking about and was exactly what I had written in my letter.  Charlie had come thru for me and knowing what he went thru that night and that he died peacefully and was happy and wanted me to be happy and to go on living and to love and be loved.  That he is always watching over me and Cj and he is with me every minute of the day. This meant so much to me and is helping me in my healing process and grief. There was so many things that my Spirit Team had told and shown Christel that was happening in my life now that was so amazing true.  

When I listen to my tape now I feel so much better and at peace with what has happened in my life.  I know that Charlie is happy and is at peace now and is watching over me. I have Christel to thank for her wonderful gift that she has and have told my family and friends about her.  I have already referred my girlfriend who is so excited about seeing her.

Thank you Christel from the bottom of my heart – you are truly an amazing wonderful woman – who I know I will see again.
Love and God Bless"