30 Minute Session

 This session is best for one or two questions/topics and one individual present. 

1 Hour Session

 This session leaves enough time for multiple connections and many questions/topics addressed. 

Group Session, 2+ Hours

 Max 5 individuals present.  All individuals attending the reading will be counted and must be open to receiving messages. 

Email for availability

Hospital Session

 At times we have loved ones who cannot speak for themselves and we would like reassurance all is well. I will come to the hospital or location of your choice and be your loved ones voice. Book session as normal and contact to notify of location. 

Phone Session

 After booking session please contact with phone request. No group readings via phone. 

Missing Person

No donation accepted.

 My messages and incite is helpful for the individuals and authorities but should never replace professional action. This session will be held in your home and will last as long as needed for as much information to come through as possible. Contact to set appointment as time is of the essence. 

This session is for urgent situations not long lost family.